The Hybrid

The Hybrid

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This 17-week program built by James Cerbie is designed to turn you into the ultimate apex predator strength athlete.  You will build strength in the big 3 (squat, dead, press), put on size and accumulate volume with accessory work, developer power through jumps, throws, and sprints, and build a massive engine via metcons and more traditional conditioning elements (biking, running, etc.).  If you're interested in becoming a complete strength athlete, then this program is for you.

Training days per week:  3-6

Equipment Required:

  • Barbells and Plates
  • Safety Squat Bar
  • Dumbbells
  • Kettlebells
  • Cables
  • Sled
  • Medicine Ball
  • Airdyne Bike
  • Rower
  • Glute Ham Raise Machine
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Michael C.
United States United States
Awesome program

I was a little skeptical at first to do this program. I had been powerlifting for two years straight, and was the strongest I’d ever been. I was afraid that three days of cardio a week would zap my strength. Boy was I wrong. I’m now leaner, and just as strong if not stronger than I was. Fantastic programming!

Lauren M.
United States United States

Currently in phase 4 of the program and have really enjoyed it. I got too far away the past couple years of training like an athlete and it led to some injuries. I definitely felt like I was training like an athlete and feel overall stronger and better conditioned. The metcon days were brutal but fun!

Nick B.
Great programming. Enjoyed getting my

Great programming. Enjoyed getting my *** handed to me on a regular basis

Rebel Performance

Awesome! Glad you loved it, Nick.

Hybrid Training Review

Having trained with James as a professional athlete, this program brings back memories of my time with James training for sport. Two words sum up this program: Jacked & Athletic. Upon completion, if you put in serious effort, I can guarantee you'll likely be stronger than you've ever been, while also feeling and moving better. This is the program that will bring you back to the HS days of being the star 3 sport athlete with the perfect blend of being stronger, more explosive, and a bigger engine than all the other weaker kids on the field. Be warned, you will suffer, especially Saturdays. But make it through the 16 weeks, and you will have a massive foundation that will put you at an advantage for whatever your next training challenge is

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